Russian Girya - Alex Strambanu, personal trainer.Russian Girya - Alex Strambanu, personal trainer.

Alex Strimbanu

Unconventional Training Coach and Personal Trainer

What is Russian Girya?

Girya (Гиря) is Russian for Kettlebell, a training tool made of cast iron in the shape of a cannonball with a handle attached to it. Even though kettlebells were around since the time of ancient Greek Olympic games, today girya is strongly associated with Russia, a country with a strong reputation in the world of strength sports.

Kettlebell training is broad and offers improvement in mobility, flexibility, endurance, speed, power output and strength. As a Certified Russian Kettlebell Coach I am happy to teach you the basics of kettlebell and introduce you to other forms of unconventional training in a world class facility “Commando Temple” in South East London.


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1 to 1 training

Train 1 to 1 and get the most value for your money! Master the Russian kettlebell with a Russian coach and continue your journey on your own after. Strength gains and very interesting cultural appropriation experience!

Group sessions

Do you prefer to train in a group of like-minded savages, to be always pushed and encouraged by your comrades in iron?Group training is a great way to socialize and save money! Invite your friends, family members, colleagues or enemies to join you in your training!

Personalised plans

You are confident with your training but need a personalized plan to get to your goals. Book a 90 minute consultation with me, to assess your current fitness level and technical execution of the kettlebell, bodyweight or barbell lifts and continue training on your with a goal-specific 6 weeks plan.

Movement and Mobility

You feel you are not as mobile and flexible as you used to be when you were younger, and your past injuries seem to restrict your freedom of movement and exercise. Book a 4 sessions block, and learn simple techniques and stretches how to mobilise your body again, be active and move pain free.

Weight Management

You have a weight goal in mind, and need a professional supervision with your training and diet - 8 week plan is an advised option to see noticeable changes, lose fat or gain muscle, and most importantly get a solid education on how to float on your own and never to be embarrassed at the number on the scale. According to recent research, Russian kettlebell exercises burn more calories than traditional gym activities.

Competition Coaching

You want to row across the Atlantic, run 250 miles through Sahara Desert, hit a personal best at a local powerlifting meet or press your own bodyweight for the first time? Russian kettlebells can help you get strong and conditioned to achieve those goals.

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