The best training facility in London for kettlebell training is easily the Commando Temple gym in South-east London. It has probably the biggest collection of kettlebells in the UK ranging from 2kgs up to 93 kgs. There are different types of kettlebells available: the traditional Russian kettlebells, hardstyle kettlebells manufactured by DragoodDoor in the US and heavier kettlebells such as 50, 55, 58, 70, 92 and 93 kgs bells.

In terms of RKC and StrongFirst certified instructors the gym has the highest number of coaches with these elite certifications: 7 RKC and Strongifrst level 1 and one Strongfirst level 2. 

Besides kettlebells, the gym has a lot of equipment for barbell (powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting), strongman, calisthenics, grip and other types of old school and unconventional equipment. The no-nonsense environment of the place drives you to train hard and very focused. Many competitive athletes choose the gym for this reason. You will be able to train side by side with these people and become part of the super strong and fit Commando Temple community.

You can choose to do group classes, train 1to1 with a coach - or use facility on your own. Book a free tour of the gym using the contact form, and claim your free class to experience the Commando Temple on your own. 

Check out the official website of the Commando Temple for more information.